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Revolutionizing Anti-Piracy Measures 

Protecting your software with integrity and innovation

From risk to assurance, this is how we do it 

We know what’s important for your business

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Guaranteeing reliable license compliance in a world of software piracy

We partner with software firms to protect their customers and ensure transparent licensing.
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Protecting your intellectual property and keep partners and customers happy.

Our Anti-Piracy Campaigns respect your customer relationships while securing your creations.
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Easing your license compliance worries.

We manage license issues for you, preserving client ties and boosting your profits.
Our Approach

Ruvixx's Anti-Piracy Solutions in Numbers

$1 Billion




Average dials per day per agent across all anti-piracy efforts.
Percentage of revenue recovered from anti-piracy services.
Regions in which Ruvixx does AP Campaigns

Enable Your Organization to Increase its License Compliance Revenue


Inbound Calls

Physical Mail

Data Collection Portal

Landing Pages with Live Chat


Integrated Call Specialists


Key Program Benefits

Maximize Software Performance and Legal Compliance

Minimize Legal and Financial Risks


 Enhance your Security Measures

Navigate Legal Waters with Confidence

Digital Events

Maximize the Value of Your Business Partnerships and Contractual Agreements:

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