In 2016, I had the opportunity to attend several conferences, and one theme was consistent –  that data can no longer be ignored and leading companies in both the licensing and brand protection industries are looking to big data to drive new opportunities and break new frontiers.  There was clear recognition amongst the industry leaders that working in the way we have for the past decade is no longer sustainable in today’s global economy.

The amount of data now doubles every 18 to 24 months according to a panelist in the session — and the key challenge facing the industry is how to gain access to this data, and leverage it in a meaningful manner to remain competitive and relevant.

The team at Ruvixx are really excited to see data as a key conversational topic, as it speaks to our vision. We see the use of big data in licensing as a journey – one that begins with the steps towards centralizing and managing your existing data and daily workflow – be it from your deal cycle, contracts, licensed product information or royalty reports, or external data sources such market data or product specification data.  

Our customers, including Philips, HDMI, Dolby, and Fitbit to name a few, have begun the journey of centralizing their data across platforms and workflows, empowered by our platform to begin the process of big data application to identify leads and revenue opportunities through smart algorithms to expand revenue and compliance.

We strive to answer questions like:

  • How can I make sense of unstructured and structured data?  
  • How can I bridge the gap between data across functional areas such as finance, legal, sales, R&D and outside market place?  
  • What revenue opportunities should I pursue?  
  • Which products in the marketplace are infringing on my IP and what is their footprint?

The answer to these questions is unequivocally Ruvixx.  We leverage smart algorithms, keyword and image matching, machine learning and soon predictive analytics to help you drive revenue and minimize revenue leakage.  We can also provide you a platform that manages your day-to-day interaction from deal management to royalty reporting, and everything in between.

Contact us to understand how we can help you drive your data strategy and improve efficiency, insights, and revenue.