I recently had the opportunity to attend a Global IP conference and watched a presentation from an existing online brand protection provider on the topic of online enforcement – which turned from insightful to shocking very quickly. What alarmed me was that his brand protection program’s measure of success was rightly focused on the reduction of the number of online auctions carrying counterfeit products, but their goal was to encourage these counterfeiters to target someone else by developing a takedown strategy that would ultimately create enough pain for the counterfeiters — forcing them to choose a brand that may not be as voracious and diligent in their protection activities.

This approach felt very self serving, and uncollaborative, not one established with the industry in mind. Sure, it may represent the reality on the ground, but isn’t it our goal as brand protection professionals to solve the problem, rather than simply kick the can down the road to the next person to deal with? While such an approach may temporarily solve issues that counterfeiters create for a given brand, it is a temporary, partial solution – it fails to address grey market challenges brands face from authorized partners, and eventually, another counterfeiter will pop up for that brand.

This sentiment caused me to reflect back to my conversations with attendees at the previous IACC meeting – where brand representatives were standing outside the conference looking to network, share ideas, and collectively solve the challenges they face.

Today, the more accepted approach to brand protection is to work collaboratively with your teams and partners. For example, law enforcement agencies such as INTERPOL, the FBI, and other local authorities are heavily focused on partnering with each other and brand owners more than ever to share intelligence and address the problem. Here at Ruvixx, we’ve built a solution designed with collaboration and centralized data management at its core.  

Our perspective on brand protection is different from most existing online brand protection services. We are not only a brand protection tool. We are an analytics platform that manages our data, intelligence, and workflows. We look at each incident — be it online, brick and mortar, counterfeit or grey market — to be sources of intelligence and data. Our platform is designed to partner with any provider or service that our customers use for their online brand protection, to integrate with their internal tools and systems to access data that helps drive insights, and leverage data analytics to solve their biggest challenges.  For customers who are looking to data science to solve the challenges, we offer our data services as a window into the online world.  

With Ruvixx, each of your brand protection strategies can be managed on a single platform, including those performed by online brand protection services, data from your investigators, and intelligence from your internal teams. It’s time to take a holistic view of data and brand protection.