Licensing & Brand Protection Redefined

Licensing & Brand Protection Redefined

More revenue. Data-driven insights. Informed decisions.

What we do

It's all about your data.

We start by learning your world through your data and we realize you have a lot of it. This data is usually found in disconnected sources, making it difficult to gather meaningful insights. This includes both structured data like spreadsheets, tables, and databases but also includes, less manageable, unstructured data like documents, websites, and images.

Regardless of the format Ruvixx collects, secures, and integrates your data into an organized model that can be searched, referenced, and used to create rules and relationships. Our users find it helpful to see all their data in one place as a starting point for what-if analysis and investigations.

Collect and synthesize external data.

The internet is vast, we know, because our web crawlers are constantly scanning it to enrich our expansive data graph of products, sellers, listings and other brand and commerce related information.

Once your business is modeled, data continuously flows from external sources into the Ruvixx platform.

This secure environment is where this rich set of externally collected data is automatically and securely integrated, classified, attributed, and stored.

The data sets are organized into meaningful relationships to answer questions, drive analysis, and conduct investigations.

Create signals to answer your questions.

The Ruvixx platform uses rule based signals to answer business questions from your data with well understood, search queries. Simple signals can serve as building blocks of more complex signals which leads to deeper analyses.

Anything you can imagine can be easily and quickly modeled with Ruvixx data signals. And these signals create a framework which guide the flow of external data into the Ruvixx platform.

Data analysis and case workflow.

Data collection fuels analysis, which in turn drives investigation and directs action. And with investigation comes deeper learning and updates to data signals or the creation of new ones.

Ruvixx Case Management allows teams to configure their own step-by-step workflows or use templates to harden business processes like notifications, approvals, reporting, and escalations.

And when case-based workflows are integrated with data collection and analysis, the data comes to life as users can explore what-if scenarios, uncover connections, recognize patterns, and securely share insights with their colleagues, all without leaving the Ruvixx platform.

Why we're different

Connect & Organize Your Data

Unlike… basic incident tracking tools, Ruvixx unifies data, analysis, and investigation for licensing companies and brand protection teams.

  • Manage both structured and unstructured forms of data without unnecessary complexity
  • Blend disparate sources regardless of format to gain a holistic view of your data
  • Uncover deep and actionable insights with new data discovered from investigations

Ruvixx Data Graph

Unlike… other products plugged into a rigid database, Ruvixx leverages AI to build a flexible graph of the data — uncovering complex connections and actionable insights.

  • 100s of millions of points of data: prices, images, URLs, emails, etc.
  • Update and integrate a wide variety of data from external sources like independent websites and global marketplaces with data from internal sources
  • An easily accessible, rich data store of global product and market trends with integrated analytics

Powerful Business Rules

Unlike… spreadsheets that are limited to manual analysis, Ruvixx Signals leverages industry best practices to power customizable business rules across all data points, connecting all data sources in real time without manual oversight.

  • Connect and normalize the data across all your data sources and systems
  • AI powered signals continually learn from the data for optimized actionable insights
  • Integrated with case management and workflow to feed investigations with real time data

Integrated Case Workflow

Unlike… generic case management tools, Ruvixx’s case management capabilities integrates Ruvixx Signals across all of your data analysis across projects and data sources.

  • Create a shared workspace for teams to collaborate and share insights
  • Stay informed with configurable notifications, reporting, and escalations
  • Allows for complete transparency to improve efficiency of the investigation process

A platform that you can trust

We understand that data is at the core of your business. That’s why we are hyper focused on providing a platform that is built with performance, security, and data integrity in mind.

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