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Licensing & Brand Protection Reimagined

More revenue. Data-driven insights. Informed decisions.

A better way to visualize and manage your IP and brand through data-driven insights and analytics.


Why Ruvixx?

It’s all about the data.

Let big data work for you. Ruvixx brings the world’s data to your fingertips so you can quickly and easily identify your next lead, opportunity or infringement.

Marketplace data at scale

Track the journey of your products across various marketplaces and trade shows to understand your global sales footprint and valuable pricing details for each product by region or seller.

Get more from your data

Easily consolidate, normalize and map various types data from disparate sources across your organization.

Data democratization

Eliminate the complexities of data analytics and remove silos to enable everyone to extract value from the data.

Signals you can bank on.

Bring order to chaos through an automated, intelligent signals engine that provides the actionable insights you need to gain control of your IP and brand.

Any data source you want

Gain a complete view into your product ecosystem by capturing and aggregating both private (e.g. internal customer) and public data sources (e.g. online marketplaces) within the same platform.

Know when to take action

Leverage advanced algorithms and cutting edge technology to identify and associate leads and other opportunities within seconds.

Always on, no matter what

Whether it’s unlicensed sales in Germany or counterfeiting in China, Ruvixx’s signals engine never rests - sending you actionable insights around the clock.

Work better together.

Make business collaboration simple through an interactive workspace, configurable workflows, and task management capabilities - all in the same place.

Task management at its best

Modernize the way internal and external teams work together through an interactive, permissions-based workspace that goes beyond spreadsheets, helping team stay on top of action items.

Workflows so your work flows

Customizable workflows designed to help you work on multiple projects in the most effective possible manner.

A centralized management system

Track opportunities and costs associate to each task or project, bringing automated workflow and an integrated CRM on one platform.

Get everyone on the same page.

Make more intelligent decisions across your business, partners, products and infringers.

Insights beyond the data

Empower your business to make intelligent decisions across your business, partners, products and infringers.

Promote data transparency

Easily share deep intelligence and actionable insights with functional teams and management via customizable reports.

Let your data tell the story

Don’t just see data. See answers with brilliant visual dashboards that separate what really matters from the rest.

A platform that you can trust

We understand that data is at the core of your business. That’s why we are hyper focused on providing a platform that is built with performance, security, and data integrity in mind.

Security Data Sheet

Integrate with Ruvixx to identify insights
from all your data

Ruvixx provides a robust API that allows you to seamlessly and securely connect Ruvixx to all of your critical data sources and business applications to glean immediate insights, increase productivity and revenue opportunities.

Ruvixx API abilities infographic

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